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What Assisted Living Facilities Do

If you have ever cringed to the idea of putting your loved ones in a nursing home it might be interesting to you to know more about assisted living facilities. Assisted living facilities are becoming a popular option for elderly people that are still mobile and active but require help with some daily tasks.

With assisted living facilities, the residents maintain their freedom as much as is physically possible. This home is best suited to old or infirm family member that is still mobile and one who doesn’t require the supervision of a doctor or nurse. There are a large number of people who require daily assistance with tasks such as cleaning, cooking, eating or performing the day-to-day chores.

There are many different people residing in the assisted living homes, and each has their ailments and needs. Some of the residents are widowed, others suffer from memory loss, while others are mentally and physically stable but prefer to be around people their age. There are others who may have problems with incontinence or mobility. Most of the residents in these homes don’t have urgent medical needs; therefore they don’t require constant surveillance or hospitalization.

The flexibility in the location of the assisted living homes sets them apart from the nursing homes. Such a facility can be hosted inside an apartment complex or even a large home. The facilities will differ in structure but generally speaking, the patients are served with meals a day and receive regular visits from staff members. The amount of time that an employee has to stay in the facility may vary. Some patients require to be monitored on a 24-hour basis while others only need a few visits in a day.

It greatly depends with the reported condition, for example , if a patient of incapable of bathing or dressing himself then he needs to be under regular supervision. If on the other hand, a resident only needs help in cooking lifting heavy objects, running errands outside, or doing laundry, then there is less need for stringent monitoring.

The assisted living facilities are not medical facilities and so don’t have a doctor or nurse staff. There are some facilities, however, that have a doctor on call in case of medical emergencies. Staff members are restricted from performing medical procedures. They can only help in making the life of the resident easier by carrying out menial tasks and socializing with them.

The staff can help to develop health and exercise programs as well as educational and social activities to keep the residents mentally and physically active. Ideal assisted living facilities will often have exercise rooms, recreation rooms, chapels, and libraries. There are other homes that will take the residents for field trips.

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