A Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney Might Recommend a Plea Deal

When a person is arrested, the legal proceedings they’re facing will start with them being officially charged with a crime. The prosecution will determine what the person is charged with and whether it is a felony or misdemeanor charge. The person can then hire a lawyer to review the case and determine if it’s possible to avoid a conviction and significant penalties.

What Are Plea Deals?

Plea deals are offers to reduce the charges or limit the sentence for an arrested person who agrees to plead guilty. The most common situation where this occurs is where the prosecution will offer a reduced sentence if the person pleads guilty to a misdemeanor instead of the felony charge they’re facing.

These plea deals can enable the person to avoid a lengthy jail term, avoid a felony conviction, or minimize the impact it might have on their future. In addition, it means they do not have to go to trial. 

Is it a Good Idea to Accept a Plea Deal?

This is going to depend on the situation. If the person is guilty and there is sufficient evidence to convict, they might receive a better outcome by accepting the plea deal offered by the prosecution.

If there is insufficient evidence and their lawyer believes the charges can be dismissed or the person could obtain a not-guilty verdict in court, it might not be a good idea to accept the plea deal. It might be better for the lawyer to work on dismissing the charges or defending against the charges in court.

It is important for the person to speak with their lawyer about what could happen in the case, what the plea deal entails, and whether accepting the plea deal is a smart option. A detailed conversation with their lawyer can enable the arrested person to consider all of their options and ensure they make the right choice.

If you’ve been arrested, make sure you hire an attorney right away. If you are offered a plea deal, you can discuss this with a Tulsa criminal defense attorney to determine if it’s a good idea to accept the deal. Speak with an attorney about your case today to learn more.