A Lot of Business from One Family

The chiropractor in Cumming GA pretty much knows the name of all of the adult members of my family. All of us has seen him at least once in our lives because we’ve injured ourselves. I don’t know if our entire family is just accident prone, or if bad backs run in our family, but we all get ourselves into situations that result in the need of a good chiropractor. The oldest members of our family see him the most for understandable reasons, but my siblings and I have seen him too, which is quite shocking given how young we are.

I saw the chiropractor earlier in the year because of a pulled muscle that happened during a golf game. It was one of the best golf games that I ever played, and in the middle of a swing, I felt a sharp pain in my back. Interestingly enough, on that swing, I was able to get a hole in one. I played through the pain and still won the golf game, but I couldn’t bear to feel it, and once the game was over, I went to see the chiropractor. Maybe I should play golf games while in pain more often, given the results.

The back injury prevented me from playing golf for a while, which was a disappointment, but that’s just the way life is. My sister had to see the chiropractor a few months after I did because she had a nasty fall at the skate park. She rides a skateboard and likes to do all kinds of crazy tricks like the professionals. She wants to compete in one of the big Olympic competitions one day, but first she has to make sure that she doesn’t have an injury that could ruin her chances of getting there.